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Task 9

A IT helpdesk technician  is someone who is willing to help other  with problems with there computer or other technology . They must be able to talk other people on the phone all over the country  in a clear and formal tone, they must be able to help the customer  achieve their request and get the highest efficiency out of their computer and the technician must answer all calls with a time limit.

Job  specification

  • Needs to be sociable and communicate with other personals
  • Must be up to date with modern sound technology and must know network tools in case of removable faults
  • Must of experience buying hardware and which types of hardware there is
  • Computers need troubleshooting weekly and maintenance monthly and if repairs are requested
  • Be able to work with a group solving problems and attend group meetings
  • Must be able to handle all the computers along with servers but stuff talk to the people in the it department
  • Plan organized and suitable working policies for computer and network devices



Personal specification

  • Ability to work on their own initiative
  • Solve problems strategically
  • College advance diploma in computer fields or related course in hardware
  • Knowledge of network infrastructure
  • Know how to work office equipment

This is my task 9 work, it is a job discribtion with a job amd personal specification. please comment on any errors you find and improvement to the blog.